Palm Information Centre


The Palm Information Centre (PMS) under the purview of the Information Technology & Corporate Services Division MPOB,  is the culmination of a determined effort to give due leverage to information, especially the R&D information and knowledge generated by the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB).  R&D information and knowledge is the life-blood of the organization. The strategic use of information and knowledge determines the rise and fall of the organization.

The realization of the importance of these knowledge assets of the Board since its establishment as PORIM in 1979 has guided the Palm Information Centre to acquire, process and package such information to meet the specific needs of the Industry, the Government sector as well as the general public.

The Centre supports the mission of the Malaysian Palm Oil Board to enhance and support the well being of the palm oil industry in all aspects of its activities through research, development, and services.

Accordingly, its objectives are:
1. To collect and disseminate information in support of the corporate thrust areas of the Board.
2. To preserve the industrial heritage of the country relating to palm oil industry through its archival and conservation programme.
3. To serve as a point of reference in support of the government's science and technology public awareness programme relating to palm oil and its by-products, through its four core activities, i.e. the Resource Library, PALMOILIS, Galeri Sawit and Palmshoppe.     

The Palm Information Centre is a development project under Sixth Malaysia Plan (1991-1995). The project crystallized the integrated approach of the four information-based service components i.e. The Resource Library, PALMOILIS, the Galeri and the Palmshoppe. The Centre has also capitalised on the harmonious convergence of the traditional disciplines of the librarianship and the information sciences and the ICT, resulting in a unique facilities conducive to the development of the imagination, ideas innovativeness and creativity required in R&D work, and the enhancement of the public awareness on the science and technology of palm oil.  It is now the knowledge gateway for information and knowledge on palm oil and oil palm.

The PMS Building is a multi-level facility, covering a space of 5,888sq. metres.  User areas, service areas, function rooms and other amenities are located strategically to enhance interaction with our customers.

Level 4        : PMS General Office; Officers Room; PALMA Collection; Multimedia Lab
Level 3        : Resource Library - Books; Current Journals; Reference Collection; Circulation Area; Photocopy services
Level 2        : Galeri; Anjung Sawit; Elaeis Briefing Hall.
Level 1        : Palm Shoppe; Dewan Sawit; Galeri
Basement    : Archives; Info Cafe.

PMS has expanded its functions and activities to other MPOB Regional Offices and Research Stations. To date a similar facilities has been set-up at MPOB Eastern Region (Kuantan), MPOB Kelana Jaya, MPOB Sabah Region (Kota Kinabalu), MPOB Northern Region, Kluang Research Station and PLASMA @ Keratong.  Other Regional Offices and Research Stations in the pipeline are Hulu Paka Research Station, Lahad Datu and Sandakan Educational Hub.