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Other Science Publications

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Bioinformatics in Systems Biology & Cryopreservation in Agrobiodiversity

In this compilation of INBIOSIS seminar series, four different aspects of research carried out at ..

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Directed Random Walk Methods For Identifying Informative Cancer Genes

This book describes cancer classifications in bioinformatics research as offered by the advancemen..

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Falsafah Sains & Teknologi Menurut Al-Quran

Falsafah sains Islam berintegegrasi dengan tiga bidang ilmu sains, iaitu sains tauhi..

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Greenhouse Gas Emission & Carbon Leaching in Pineapple Cultivation on Tropical Peat Soil

This book contains information on greenhouse gas emission and leaching of carbon in ..

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Humic Substances and Urea Use in Agriculture

This book serves as a quick reference text for agriculturists, environmentalists, students and early..

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Improving Phosphorus Availability for Plant Uptake in Tropical Acid Soils Using Organic Amendments Derived from Agro-industrial Wastes

Improving Phosphorus Availability for Plant Uptake in Tropical Acid Soils Using Organic Amendments D..

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Laboratory Manual in Fundamentals of Entomology

Entomology is a biological science dealing generally with arthropods and specifically insects. Agric..

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Lebah Kelulut Malaysia : Biologi dan Penternakan

Penternakan lebah kelulut menjadi satu fenomena yang besar di Malaysia. Semenjak MARDI melancarkan..

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Natural Resources & Biodiversity

This book comprises 12 chapters pertaining to recent findings of academicians and students of Facult..

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Revitalise Your Knowledge Thru' Clinical Data Interpretation

This book is an ideal overview and revision guide for medical students, postgraduate students, hou..

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Teknik Pembakaran Hijau: Pembakar Berbahan Api Cecair

Buku ini secara amnya menerangkan tentang kaedah pengurangan pembentukan emisi gas pencemar daripa..

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Underdogs In Overdrive : 10 Insanely Great Ideas for the Asian Technopreneur

Underdogs in Overdrive is an inspirational guide for Asia's budding technopreneurs. Based on the ..

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