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Development of Mechanization Standards and Bench-Marks for Labour Efficiency in Oil Palm Plantations

This objective of this booklet is to develop a mechanization standard for oil palm plantations on ..

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Garis Panduan Prosedur Operasi Standard (SOP) Kawalan Ulat Bungkus

Buku ini diterbitkan dengan kerjasama Jabatan Pertanian. Ia adalah sebagai garis panduan dan rujuk..

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Garis Panduan Prosedur Operasi Standard (SOP) Pengurusan Penyakit Ganoderma

MPOB secara berterusan menjalankan penyelidikan dan memberikan khidmat nasihat serta memperkenalka..

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Handbook : Photographic Perspective on the Anomalies of Oil Palm

This handbook aims at providing catalogue of photographs of variations found in vitro and also in ..

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Handbook of Common Parasitoids & Predators Associated with Bagworms & Nettle Caterpillars in Oil Palm Plantations

This handbook serves as a guide to identify some of the common parasitoids and predators affecting..

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Handbook of Pests and Diseases of Oil Palm

This handbook focuses on the management of some of the common and important insect and mammalian p..

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Kod Amalan Baik MPOB - MPOB COP 1001:2015 : Kod Amalan Baik Tapak Semaian untuk Tapak Semaian Sawit Edisi Kedua

Kod Amalan Naik Tapak Semaian untuk tapak Semaian Sawit (CoPN) ini telah dibangunkan oleh Lembaga ..

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Manual Penggredan Buah Kelapa Sawit - Edisi Kedua (2003)

Manual Penggredan Buah Kelapa Sawit merupakan satu komitmen untuk menggalakkan kesedaran kualiti k..

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Manual Penggredan Buah Kelapa Sawit MPOB - Edisi Ketiga (2015)

Manual ini dikeluarkan sebagai garis panduan penggredan buah kelapa sawit kepada pengilang dan pen..

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Modelling Flowering and Seasonal Yield Cycles of Oil Palm : Simulation Models for Teaching and Research : OPFLSIM1.0 and 2.0: Users' Guide

The guide gives a full explanation on how to install and operate the models and lists the software a..

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MPOB Test Methods

This compendium of test methods is an update of the PORIM Test Methods, which has been utilized by..

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Oil Palm Fruit Grading Manual - Second Edition (2003)

This manual is published to promote quality awareness amongst the mills, the plantations and the s..

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Oil Palm Vegetative Measurements Manual

The color of refined palm oil and palm oil products is conventionally measured using the manually ..

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Palm Oil Factory Process Handbook Part 2 - Management for Palm Oil Mill Engineers

This handbook on Management for Oil Palm Mill Engineers is a follow-up to Part 1 of the series and..

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Penakaian Anak Benih Sawit

Penakaian merupakan proses mengenalpasti anak benih yang tidak normal di peringkat tapak semaian d..

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Pocketbook of Oil Palm Uses - Seventh Edition 2017 (English)

Pocketbook of Oil palm Uses is asn introduction to oil palm, palm and palm kernel oils and their u..

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