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Journal of Oil Palm Research Vol. 30 (1) March 2018

Published monthly. Contain comprehensive monthly data on  the performance of the Malaysian pa..

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Malaysian Oil Palm Statistics 2017 - 37th Edition

The Malaysian oil palm industry is an important pillar of the Malaysian economy and has been recordi..

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Oil Palm Bulletin Number 75 November 2017

The Oil Palm Bulletin is currently one of the media for communicating information and news to plante..

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Palm Oil Developments No.67 December 2017

Palm Oil Development contains short articles on developments in palm oil research, advances in tec..

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Sustainable Oil Palm Insect Pest Management in Malaysia New

Sustainable Oil Palm Insect Pest Management in Malaysia

In this book, the focus is on five major insect pests i.e. bagworms, rhinoceros beetles, nettle cate..

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