International Plant Nutrition (IPNI)

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Buku Lapangan Seri Tanaman Kelapa Sawit Vol 1 : Pembibitan

Handbook for personnel in charge of nursery management. Includes specific instructions and informa..

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Buku Lapangan Seri Tanaman Kelapa Sawit Vol 2 : Tanaman Belum Menghasilkan

Handbook for personnel in charge of plantation development. Includes guidelines on land preparatio..

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Kelapa Sawit : Kelainan Hara dan Pengelolaannya

Walaupun produk kelapa sawit (minyak sawit dan kernel) mengandung unsur utama karbon..

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Mucuna Bracteata : A Cover Crop and Living Green Manure

This monographs attempts to bring together, in one accessible volume, most of what is currently kn..

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Oil Palm : Best Management Practices for Yield Intensification

This book represents a culmination of the past 10 years of research and practical experience we have..

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Oil Palm : Management for Large and Sustainable Yields

Oil palms are one of the most important and effective sources of vegetable oil. Although globally ..

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Oil Palm : Nutrient Disorders and Nutrient Management

This pocket guide provides a tool for the identification of nutrient deficiencies and their underl..

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Selected Papers on Soil Science - Problem Soils

Soils are the foundation on which sustainable agriculture can be practiced. It is im..

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