Journal of Oil Palm Research Vol. 23 December 2011

Journal of Oil Palm Research Vol. 23 December 2011

JOURNAL OF OIL PALM RESEARCH, an international refereed journal, carries full-length original research papers and scientific review papers on various aspects of oil palm and palm oil and other palms. It also publishes short communications, letters to editor and reviews of relevant books. JOURNAL OF OIL PALM RESEARCH is published four times per year, i.e. March, June, September and December.

Fatty amines from palm oil and palm kernel oil
Author(s): RUPILIUS, Wolfgang *
Performance of tenera oil palm population derived from crosses between Deli dura and pisifera from different sources on inland soils
Author(s): JUNAIDAH, J.* ; RAFII, M. Y.** ; CHIN, C. W.* ; SALEH, G.**
Microemulsions formed with palm oil-based materials as all-purpose spray liquid cleaners for hand surfaces
Author(s): ISMAIL Ab Raman* ; ROSNAH Ismail* ; HAZIMAH Abu Hassan* ; HAMDAN, S.**
Mannitol-induced water deficit stress in oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) seedlings
Author(s): CHA-UM, Suriyanng* ; YAMADA, Nana** ; TAKABE, Teruhiro ‡ ; KIRDMANEE, Chalermpol*
Pre-treatment of palm olein-derived used frying oil as a feedstock for non-food applications
Author(s): LOH Soh Kheang* ; FUEZIAH Subari ** ; SHARIFAH AISHAH Syed A Kadir**
Isolation and functional properties of hemicelluloses from oil palm trunks
Author(s): ANIS Mokhtar* ; SITI NADRAH, A. H.** ; KAMRUDDIN Hassan* ; ASTIMAR Abd Aziz* ; MOHD BASRI Wahid*
Determination of hydroxyl value of palm-based polyols by partial least squares algorithm using NIR specstroscopy
Author(s): BONNIE TAY Yen Ping* ; NURUL AIN' Hanzah* ; HOONG Seng Soh*
Production of oil palm trunk core board with wood veneer lamination
Author(s): CHAI, L.Y.* ; H'NG, P.S.* ; LIM, C.G.* ; JUSOH, M.Z.* ; BAKAR, E.S.*
Plywood from oil palm trunks
Author(s): ANIS Mokhtar* ; KAMARUDIN Hassan* ; ASTIMAR Abdul Aziz* ; MOHD BASRI Wahid*
Formulation of trans-free margarines using hydrogenated and interesterified palm olein
Author(s): MUSAVI, Anar *; TEKIN, Aziz* ; ERINC, Hakan**
Effect of diols as co-surfactants in partial ternary phase behaviour of palm oil-based microemulsions
Author(s): ISMAIL Ab Raman* ; HAMDAN Suhaimi ** ; ROSNAH Ismail* ; HAZIMAH Abu Hassan*
Improved sustainable fractionation of palm oil using polyglycerol fatty acid esters
Author(s): KURIYAMA, J* ; MIYAJI, Y* ; ZALIHA, Omar** ; CHONG CHIEW Let**
Production of distilled biodiesel fuels through direct alkaline transesterification of used frying oil
Author(s): LOH Soh Kheang* ; NUR AZREENA Idris* ; CHOO Yuen May*
Novel catalytic solutions for oleochemical processes
Author(s): DUPAIN, Xander* ; LEE, Roy Z** ; TRIPATHY Saumendra ‡ ; ZWIJNENBURG, Aalbert *
The growth of the oil palm industry in Colombia
Author(s): HENSON, Ian E* ; ROMERO, Rodrigo Ruiz** ; ROMERO, Hernan Mauricio**

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