Journal of Oil Palm Research Vol. 26 (1) March 2014

Journal of Oil Palm Research Vol. 26 (1) March 2014

JOURNAL OF OIL PALM RESEARCH, an international refereed journal, carries full-length original research papers and scientific review papers on various aspects of oil palm and palm oil and other palms. It also publishes short communications, letters to editor and reviews of relevant books. JOURNAL OF OIL PALM RESEARCH is published four times per year, i.e. March, June, September and December.

Correlation of Microspore Nuclear Development with Male Inflorescence Morphology in Elaeis oleifera, Elaeis guineensis and the OxG Hybrid
Author(s): Latif, A M; Zaki*, N M; Nordiana*, H M N*; Marhalil, M*; Che Radziah, C M Z** and Madon, M*

Molecular Analysis of Transgenic Oil Palm to Detect the Presence of Transgenes
Author(s): A Rahman Nurfahisza*; Md Aman Rafiqah*; Mat Yunus Abdul Masani*; Ayub Nor Hanin*; Omar Abdul Rasid*; Ghulam Kadir Ahmad Parveez* and Ismanizan Ismail**
Application of NIR Spectrometer for Oil Loss Monitoring in Palm Oil Mill
Author(s): Andrew Yap Kian Chung* and Fatah Yah Abd Manaf*
Response of Six Sources of Oil Palm Planting Materials from Malaysia Planted in the Eastern Plains of Colombia to Bud Rot
Author(s): Edwin A Navia R*; Edwin F Restrepo* and Hernán Mauricio Romero**
Secondary Poisoning of Captive Barn Owls, Tyto alba Javanica through Feeding with Rats Poisoned with Chlorophacinone and Bromadiolone
Author(s): Hasber Salim*; Hafidzi Mohd Noor*; Noor Hisham Hamid**; Dzolkhifli Omar*; Azhar Kasim‡ and Cik Mohd Rizuan Zainal Abidin**

Extraction Methods for Analysis of Oil Palm Leaf and Root Proteins by Two-dimensional Gel Electrophoresis
Author(s): Hassan, H*; Lau, B Y C* and Ramli, U S*
Biological Aspects and Food Consumption of Oil Palm Fruit Scraper, Demotispa neivai (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)
Author(s): Luis Carlos Martínez* and Angelica Plata-Rueda**
Molecular Cloning and Regulation of Oil Palm (E. guineensis Jacq.) Phytoene Desaturase in Developing Mesocarp Tissues
Author(s): O A Rasid*; W S Wan Nur Syuhada*; A Nor Hanin*; S S Masura* and G K A Parveez*
Investigation of Palm Fatty Acid Distillate Oil as an Alternative to Petrochemical-based Lubricants
Author(s): Iman Golshokouh*; S Syahrullail*; Farid Nasir Ani* and H H Masjuki**
The Future of Oil Palm as a Major Global Crop: Opportunities and Challenges
Author(s): Denis J Murphy*

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